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SUP Yoga classes are traditional yoga classes taught on the water on floating boards (SUP= Stand-Up Paddleboards). The boards are wide and sturdy – and larger than your yoga mat! Join us at our open air studio where we work with all the elements, sun, wind, water and occasionally even the rain. You’ll enhance your practice and the overall yoga experience by learning to adapt to the motion of the board, the continuous challenge to balance and the unpredictable instability sometimes created by external energy (wake) or the shifting of body weight. Your single point of focus becomes more clear on the board and you will maximise your core stability throughout the class. A true yoga flow, the classes will challenge and energise before ending with a relaxing moving meditation utilising the gentle rocking of the water.

1 Hour 30 mins class 

1 April  

Wednesdays   14.30 hrs  Afternoon session

Thursday         14.30 hrs  Afternoon session

Friday              14.30 hrs  Afternoon session      

Saturday          14.30 hrs  &  16.30 Both Paddle Board (Paddle sessions)  

1 May to September 2017

Wednesday    14.30hrs   &  18.00 hrs

Thursday        14.30 hrs  &  18.00 hrs

Friday             14.30 hrs  &   18.00 hrs

Saturday         14.30 hrs Paddle board session    ---  16.30 hrs Yoga session

Working with Pureyogazone

Group Booking or Sunday Sessions can be pre booked with a minimum of 3 people and Maximum of 8 perople ,

contact us on 07585 907734 or via our contact page.  


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Adult £25 Child £