CKT Ltd wants to ensure your safety on the River Thames at all times, therefore, certain rules must be observed.

All our customers will be given a full safety briefing, which includes:-

  • Boat safety
  • Buoyancy aid fitting
  • Potential dangers
  • Paddling techniques.

Q. Do you have to be able to swim to go canoeing?

A   You must be able to swim 10m in light clothing to participate on our tours. 

Q. What is the minimum age to go on the tours?

A.  Children aged 7 to 13 MUST be accompanied by an adult and no child under the age of 7 will be permitted in the canoes. 

Q. What if my child is aged between 14-17 years old?

A.  All children aged 14 to 17 years old are classed as responsible and will be charged the adult price as they will be too heavy for a child seat.  However, they are NOT responsible for any children aged 7-13 whom MUST be accompanied by someone aged 18 or over.

Q. Is there a weight restriction for participating adults ?

A. Yes unfortunately we are unable to accept any adult exceeding 18 stone (114 Kgs) due to canoe design.

Q. Do I have to wear a life Jacket?

A. Buoyancy aids MUST be worn at all times on and near the river. These will be provided.

Q. What clothes do I need to wear?

A. Casual clothing is ideal to wear. Watertight bags (dry bags) will be provided for any spare items. When the weather is hot please remember your hat and sunscreen.  Observation of weather conditions is important. 

Q. I wear glasses is this a problem?

A. If you wear glasses then please attach them with appropriate ties to prevent them dropping in the water. CKT will not be held responsible for any loss of items whilst paddling.

Q. What happens if I capsize?

A. If you capsize in the water your boat can be used as a float.  Use the end grabs to hold on to the boat and swim to the side. The guide will be around at all times to assist you.

Q. Can I drink alcohol whist on the tour?

A. We reserve the right to remove canoes from anyone deemed to be incapable of paddling due to intoxication through drink or drugs.

Q. Can I bring anything to eat whilst on the tour?

A. You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you wish. We do not sell food at CKT

Q. What side of the river should we paddle on?

A. You should always paddle on the right of the river and always be aware and courteous of other river users.

Q. What time should I arrive for my tour?

A. Please arrive 15 minutes before your allocated tour time. This will allow plenty of time for the fitting of safety equipment, filling out any necessary paperwork and receive your mandatory health and safety briefing. Please adhere to timings as a tour will not wait for you and you may run the risk of it being cancelled. 

Q. I have a medical condition. Do I need to inform you?

A. If you or any of your party have any health issues such as asthma, diabetes or heart disease this should be discussed prior to booking. In rare circumstances we may discourage you from taking part in the Tour. Any individual with a history of epilepsy or expectant mothers we advise not  to participate in this activity. 

Q. Can I bring my dog?

A.We at CKT are dog lovers; however, we do not cater for dogs on our tours.     

Please remember the river encourages other river user groups i.e. fisherman, so please be mindful and courteous at all times.