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New for 2016

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a realtively new paddling sport whereby the paddler stands up on a board similar to a surf board or a windsurf board. The paddler and the board are propelled across the top of the water by the use of a long single-bladed paddle.

SUP is an acronym that stands for “standup paddleboarding” and it is taking the water sports world by storm. While it is difficult to measure the level of participation in outdoor sports, Standup paddleboarding is quickly becoming the water sport of choice and while SUP might not be the most popular (yet) it certainly is the fastest growing.

We can give you lessons to gain confidence on a paddleboard which will then allow you to attend SUP Yoga classes if you so wish or just hire as board and equipment.  

SUP is safe,easy and fun. If you have a background in caneoing, kayaking or other water sports you might find that SUP comes very naturally, however even if you don't have a back ground in water sport, SUP can be learned swiftly with our instructors.       

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